About Us

Our Purpose

To provide a safe, warm and caring environment for children to play, learn, and make new friends. Each child, while experiencing the benefits of group activity is helped to progress at his/her own pace. This is accomplished through individual attention by our professionally trained and certified staff.

A traditionally planned curriculum includes:

  • Academically focused hands-on projects
  • Exposure to all types of literature
  • Thematic based curriculum integrating all subjects areas
  • SMART Board Interactive lessons
  • Enrichment classes such as Music, Yoga, Spanish and Pottery
  • Directed and free play in our spacious indoor gymnasium
  • Age appropriate learning experiences
  • Outdoor physical activity.

Our Faculty

Our qualified and experienced staff understands child development and is talented, nurturing, and dedicated.

Our teachers:

  • Are NJ state certified in Early Childhood Education.
  • Have a great many years of experience working with small children.
  • Use games, storytelling, play acting and other methods/activities to help children develop language and vocabulary, improve social skills, and learn basic science and math concepts.
  • Bring a firm understanding of the entire range of a child’s future academic experience to their love of working with learners at their most formative years.
  • Have the knowledge and experience that lets them guide and encourage children to grow in all areas of development by providing the richest possible educational environment.
  • Staff attend continuing education seminars throughout the year.

Mrs. Maria D’Arpa
Program Director/TK Teacher

Mrs. Donna Bissell
Assistant Director

Mrs. Angela Cichewicz, Mrs. Helen Vaupotic
Young Pre-K

Mrs. Elisa Marsico, Mrs. Liz Mellish & Mrs. Claudia Neville
Little Learners